Infrasteel 3D Animation

Infrasteel 3D Animation

Client: Infrasteel
Project Type: ,
Year: 2018

Project Summary

We created this 3D explainer video for Infrasteel, a custom shaped steel pipe manufacturer in Birmingham, Alabama. It details the Infrasteel culvert rehabilitation process.

About the Project

We created this 3D explainer video for Infrasteel, a culvert slip lining system manufacturer in Birmingham, Alabama. Infrasteel creates custom shaped steel pipes for use in slip lining for culverts. This 3D animated video was created to explain the process as well as the benefits to their customers. 

Signature Media’s experience with the trenchless technology industry saved the client time and energy in explaining the service. After a 15 minute phone call, we got to work creating a storyboard, a script, and a reference file with pictures of the equipment. The plan was presented to the client, and after a few minor tweaks we started the animation process.

The first step was to create the models of the Infrasteel liner, the environment, and the equipment such as the grout pump and excavator. Once the overall look was approved by the client we animated the process from start to finish. Only a couple more small tweaks were needed and then the video was complete! The entire process took about two weeks.